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TV Universe online Networks operates similar to other platforms like Dish, Direct TV and Comcast; TV Universe Online Networks is an independent platform, providing each client with their own channel page. TV Universe online Networks offers this opportunity to benefit from the overall station's user traffic as well as increasing your distribution domestically and internationally. We are available on all multimedia platforms from Ipads to mobile phone to internet. We offer a platform to gain new followers and show your content throughout the world. This is beneficial in regards to your advertising modalities, by generating additional viewership for your content. Increasing audience availability by expanding your distribution, equates to money for you.




We are currently streaming the following types of content:

  • Original TV shows (all types & genres)
  • Reality shows
  • "News" and “Hosting” type shows (covering topics from fashion and film to video game and sports, etc)
  • Movies and mini-series

By the end of 2013 we will also hope to be offering a TV VOD (video on demand) platform for independent movies and show.



The AMG Networks distributes channel through our own website station in addition to partnering with established sites such as Facebook and YouTube. We are currently creating our platform to include all multimedia devises, audiences are able to hook up their multimedia devices right up to their TVs..



TV Universe online Networks enables advertisers to associate brands with the targeted, highly engaged audiences of online series. We offer a wide range of ad sizes and placements, and our custom solutions can include RSS feeds, The syndication and distribution of multiple shows and movies. We are constantly pushing our technologies with innovative new ideas.




About us:

TV Universe online Networks is an independently owned and operated site dedicated to providing the ultimate TV experience one all multimedia platforms. . From hosted news programming to original series, our content spans the gamut of entertainment. We showcase the freshest established and up and coming content .
TV Universe online Networks is always free and always cool.



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picture"Filnally a site that has it all the content I want"

by: Deborah Rodriguez, TV blog USA